Transition booklet


‚ÄčTransition to Prep is an exciting but complex process. It contains a number of steps and processes and involves decisions and outcomes that can greatly influence the child starting school successfully.

While this process can be complicated for any child, the child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may face unique challenges that require specialised considerations. The Transition booklet: My journey to Prep is intended to be a collaborative planning tool used by all stakeholders to support the successful transition process for a child with ASD. It allows all members of a child's transition team opportunities to view, contribute to and collaboratively plan the student's transition journey to Prep.

This booklet is for:

  • parents
  • Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) educators
  • Early intervention professionals
  • Prep staff
  • any allied health professionals supporting the child or the family.


Parents can begin to compile information for the transition booklet in the year prior to their child commencing Prep. The parent section of the transition booklet contains child profile options and a parent statement of aspirations to complete. If you wish, you may choose to print and complete only the parts of the parent and child section that are important to you and your child.

Parents may also choose to add current programs or reports from private therapists, allied health or medical staff in the educators section as well as adding to the planning and team sections.

The transition booklet allows important information about the child and the transition process to be shared. While a range of people will contribute to the booklet, it is ultimately the child's book. It is recommended that parents act as coordinators of the transition booklet and work with stakeholders to develop the content.

If parents are not sure how to begin, contact your child's ECEC educator and/or proposed school who can assist them to begin the process and choose sections to print and complete. Before their child's early childhood education and care setting can begin to add information, it is important that they have parental consent to share information about their child.


ECEC educators can begin to compile information as soon as parents have given their consent for information to be shared. Initially they are primarily responsible for completing the educators section of the booklet as well as contributing to the planning section as a member of the child's transition team.

Prep staff may begin to contribute to the transition booklet during the first transition meeting of all stakeholders. This is when the child's individual transition plan is first developed. Prep staff may continue to add information throughout the year with specific responsibility to ensure up to date and relevant information is provided during the last term before transition to Prep.

The transition booklet remains the property of the family and it is important that parents are given the opportunity to take ownership of the book. Parents are encouraged to share the booklet with their child's school. All educators are encouraged to provide additional support to those families who may require additional assistance to complete, collate and share the booklet.

Specifically some parents may find the size of the booklet overwhelming and may need support or assistance to only contribute to and print the sections of the booklet that they are comfortable with such as parts or all of the parent and child section.

Allied health professionals and other support staff

Allied health professionals and other support staff may add information as required throughout the transition journey once parental consent to share information is obtained.

Individualising the Transition booklet: My journey to Prep

In some sections of the booklet, a number of options or templates have been provided so that the individual needs and experiences of all team members may be accommodated. Please select the documents that best support each individual child. Some elements of the booklet may not apply to some children, families or circumstances.

Confidentiality reminder

The information contained within the booklet is considered private and confidential. Parent or carer consent must be obtained before providing or accessing information.

Last updated 13 September 2022