Acceptable alternative

What behaviour would you accept as an alternative while teaching the desired behaviour?

  • Ask for help
    Lets someone know that they require help (verbally or non-verbally).
  • Tell adult they are uncomfortable
    Lets an adult know they are feeling uncomfortable (verbally or non-verbally).
  • Politely decline
    Lets the other person know that they do not want to join in the new activity.
  • Accepts the reminder
    Individual accepts the reminder and moves to the task after a period of take up time.
  • Go to pre-arranged safe space
    Moves to pre-arranged safe zone such as a tent or quiet corner in the classroom, support room or buddy class. At home, this may be their bedroom.
  • Works on alternative task 
    Works on a task other than the one set, which may or may not be related to the initial task assigned.  This may be one the individual has identified or may be one set by the adult.
  • Waits quietly for assistance 
    Waits without interrupting other individuals. Possibly engaged in pre-arranged quiet activity.
Last updated 24 September 2020