Problem behaviour

What does the problem behaviour look like?

The individual:

  • Is off task but remains seated in appropriate area
    Is not participating in the requested task but is not moving around the room.
  • Is off task and distracting other students
    Is not participating in the requested task and is disturbing others by moving around or being noisy.
  • Does not respond to direction or request
    Will not follow directions. Ignores requests.
  • Leaves their seat without permission
    Gets up and moves around the room they are in when it may not be appropriate.
  • Makes repetitive requests or sounds
    Repeats questions or sounds, may be distracting for those around.
  • Verbally refuses or rejects directions or request
    This may be with words (e.g. “no”, “go away” or other sounds in response to being asked to follow a direction .
  • Becomes verbally abusive
    This may be noises, single words or phrases e.g. shouting or swearing.
  • Becomes physically aggressive
    Becomes physically aggressive towards the person or people around them e.g. hits, bites, throws objects, moves furniture or physically attacks another person.
  • Destroys property
    Breaks or damages property around them (this may include their own possessions or ripping up pieces of work).
Last updated 24 September 2020