What happens after

What happens as a result of the individual engaging in this behaviour?

The individual is then:

  • Given a verbal redirection to stop the behaviour
    The individual is given a spoken instruction which has the aim of stopping the behaviour and directing them towards a more acceptable behaviour e.g. “Chairs are for sitting.  No standing please” .
  • Given more information or clarification of the direction or request
    Clarify and simplify the expected task. Break it into one or two steps at a time. Make the directions explicit.
  • Allowed to remain with preferred task or activity
    Is allowed to continue with the an activity or task they enjoy or would chose.
  • Reminded of the rules and consequences
    Is reminded of house, school or workplace rules and the consequences that follow if the rules are broken.
  • Asked the Responsible Thinking Questions
    Responsible thinking questions allow the individual to make choices about their actions. E.g. What are you doing? What are the expectations? What happens when you ignore these expectations? Is this your goal? What do you want to do now?
  • Given a forced choice
    Instead of telling the individual what to do, options are presented as a  choice e.g. “do you want to do your Maths or English homework?” or “If you don’t complete this activity now you are choosing to finish it at break time”.
  • Ignored
    Others do not respond to the behaviour, either purposefully or not.
  • Given attention by peers
    Peers watch on, join in or encourage the behaviour (this may be positive or negative attention).
  • Given 1:1 attention from adult
    An adult directs their attention to the individual exhibiting the behaviour.  This may be positive or negative attention, and would include things like speaking to the individual to tell them that their behaviour is wrong or sitting with the individual to encourage them to complete a task.
  • Given reduced task demands
    Individual is given a section of the task to complete instead of all of the task.
  • Redirected to a different task or activity
    Individual is directed to a different task.
  • Isolated
    Individual is removed from the area where the behaviour has occurred or the people around the individual are removed from the area.
  • Sent to another area
    Individual is directed away from the location they were when the behaviour occurred, this would include being sent out of the class or to a safe zone.
Last updated 24 September 2020