Desired behaviour

What do you want to see them doing instead?

  • Follow the direction
    Individual follows the direction given and participates in the activity requested.
  • Start task
    Individual starts or attempts task after a suitable amount of take up time.
  • Stop task 
    Individual stops the task.
  • Acknowledge the reminder
    Verbally or non-verbally acknowledge that they have been given a reminder.
  • Acknowledges the praise 
    Individual acknowledges the praise verbally or non-verbally.
  • Work quietly
    Work quietly without distracting others individuals from their own work.
  • Tolerate light brief touch
    Individual is able to accept a light brief touch, which may be for a redirection, reminder or attention getter or may be due to somebody witting in the close vicinity.
  • Ask person to move away or closer
    Individual is able to verbally or non- verbally request that a person moves closer to them or away from them.
  • Ask for help
    Individual is able to ask another person for assistance verbally or non-verbally.
  • Ignores interruption or noise 
    Individual continues to work without reacting to interruption or noise.
  • Repeats request or question 
    Individual repeats the request or question for clarification.
  • Accepts refusal 
    Individual accepts that their request cannot be fulfilled, e.g. not allowed access to an activity or object they have requested.
Last updated 24 September 2020